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Are you a candidate?

We are currently searching for real estate agents and brokers interested in actually owning a First Team Real Estate office. We are not looking to "sell" offices but to actually find partners in building a fungible asset.

There is no substantial upfront investment. Revenue is divided on future income earned as we grow the business together. The model is quite unique.

Of course we don't have enough opportunities for every agent or broker that might be interested. Since we bear the major burden of supporting and growing the asset, we do have a process we follow with each candidate. We use the term candidate because it accurately describes the experience. If the "candidate" gets approved, they are "awarded" a community office.

The Community Office is markedly different than a franchise or profit share opportunity. It's so much more. Let us explain…

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"Something that an entity has acquired or purchased, and that has money value (its cost, book value, market value, or residual value). An asset can be (1) something physical, such as cash, machinery, inventory, land and building, (2) an enforceable claim against others, such as accounts receivable, (3) right, such as copyright, patent, trademark, or (4) an assumption, such as goodwill. Assets shown on their owner's balance sheet are usually classified according to the ease with which they can be converted into cash."

–Business Dictionary

"Begin with the end in mind"

–Stephen Covey

Asset Background

The first question you might ask yourself is "Do I currently own a business that I can sell in the future for cash or residual income?" If your current business model is based solely on your hard work and your personal brand, then the answer is no. A business based exclusively on relationships of the owner is close to impossible to sell. Once the owner leaves the business, so does the reason for clients to be attracted to that business.

This is where we come in. We continue to help you build your personal brand and build a separate asset together that you can sell when you decide to step away. How do we know this? We will purchase it from you! We put that in writing upfront.



We have redefined the term "support". Let's look at our redefinition….

First Place: the center of our support.

First Place is our single sign-on dashboard to access virtually all the tools First Team has to offer its agents, managers, brokers and community office owners and employees. Access the following systems provided to you:

  • • Client Relationship Manager
  • • Individual and Broker Websites
  • • Real Scout Property Alert Systems
  • • Five Street Agent Lead Routing
  • • Testimonial Tree
  • • Roadmap
  • • Marketing Store
  • • Impact Marketing
  • • Design Studio
  • • Online Interactive Training
  • • Online Help Desk
  • • Suite of Management Tools
  • • Social Media Concierge
  • • Cloud CMA
  • • And MUCH MORE


  • Live Help Desk
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Printer Fleet Management
  • Fuze VOIP Telephony & Video Conferencing
  • Network Security & Operations
  • Field Technology Team
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  • Print and Digital Advertising
  • Pre-Designed Collateral
  • Digital and Print Listing Presentation
  • Property eBlasts
  • Social Media Concierge
  • Third-Party Platforms
    • First Team Resource Center
    • Impact Marketing Specialist
    • First Team Design Studio
  • Luxury
    • Christie's
    • Luxury Portfolio
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  • Close to 500 Recruits Per Year
  • BRE Approved School
    • 600 Annual enrollees
  • Free License Prep Course
  • Experienced Agent Recruitment Support
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  • The First Team Business System
  • Power Curve Plus
  • Agent Team Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Online Interactive Courses